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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Simple changes in the diet can cure constipation

Constipation is the big problem faced by all ages today. I too face constipation and irregular bowel movement often i think mainly due to the wrong food intake like pizza, burger, indian fast foods with lot of oil or taking of junk food replacing a nourishing food. I have also observed that I do'nt eat daily at a regular time and mostly there is no gap between dinner time and sleep time. All this tells upon my poor digestive system. I think and also found by observing others in my family and friends that mostly gut problems occur due to wrong type and timing of food i.e., if craving for fast food and soft drinks is one cause then untimely eating habits is another cause. Just some changes in the food can make the difference and drink plenty of water.

JUST make these simple changes in your diet :

  1. Add high fibre diets like leafy vegetables, pulses and fruits which are good for bowel movement.
  2. If you are a non-veg you must have raw vegetables and salads along wity your regular meals or else it will cause constipation.
  3. For constipation never become habitual to laxatives.
  4. Daily exercise and plenty of water will also serve the purpose. Drink at least 2 glasses of water with some lemon drops after getting from bed. For details read my article "Water is Medicine"
  5. Other benefits of high fibre diet is that it can cut the risk of heart disease.
    Increase your dose of high fibre in your breakfast.
    Though fruits and vegetables are good source of fibre but cereal fibre gives more protective fibre, so eat whole flour, unpolished rice, sprouts and so on.
  6. Make this your daily routine.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nutritional Supplements - Yes or No

Is it necessary to take supplements?

Won't my regular diet give me full nutrition?

If you are basically healthy, is there any advantage in taking supplements regularly?

Supplements include just vitamins and minerals or anything else?

Do supplements have healing power?

If you develop a health disorder or ailment, can you expect supplements to offer any help?

Can conventional medicine be avoided completely if herbs are used for certain health problems?

These are some of the questions that people have who don't know much or are skeptical about nutritional supplements.

They believe in conventional medicine only. Of course, multivitamin and multimineral supplements have been taken since 50 years or more by many and mostly by aged people. Herbal supplements were less known and less taken whereas some herbs have the capacity to cure chronic ailments like cancer too.

Even doctors and nurses who practice conventional medicine may be sceptical about alternative therapies but there is evidence that many take vitamin and mineral supplements themselves.

But this mindset is changing in patients as well as doctors.

Read my article on 'The Changing View of Dietary Supplements'

Another section of people are those who want to avoid conventional medicine as much as possible because of their side effects, some medicines leaving disastrous effects on our mind and body. These are people who prefer alternate therapies, home remedies and herbal supplements and go to medical professionals under extreme circumstances like surgery requirements.

Alternative treatments like naturopathy, reiki, homeopathy, ayurveda, unani, yoga, meditation and use of supplements are becoming popular due to

  1. less or no side effects

  2. less cost

But the fact is visit to a medical practitioner is necessary if required in certain circumstances although alternative treatments are effective in many cases. It can be foolish or even dangerous to seek complementary or alternative treatments for medical conditions that Western-trained doctors excel at treating or preventing.

It is good always to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or if you are already taking any particularly if you have any chronic condition say asthma, diabetes or heart disease. Some supplements may complement, or even replace conventional drugs. But never alter or discontinue the dosage of any prescribed medication without consulting your doctor.

So be fit and fine by enhancing your diet with nutritional supplements and go for alternate therapies too for good health and a healthy lifestyle and yes only after consulting your certified medical practitioner and knowing whether a supplement or remedy suits you or not.

The changing view of dietary supplements

Today available nutritional supplements or dietary supplements are not new. They encompass known substances like vitamins, minerals and herbs. Vitamins have been used in pill form for more than 50 years. The different kind of herbs found in different geographical areas have long been used in the kitchen and the sick room. Most of them were one-a-day formulas and herbal remedies either had to be concoted at home or bought in out-of-the-way health-food shops.

Public Awareness: Today people are more health concious. So many people are willing to try supplements. This indicates that a major change in health care has brought herbal and nutritional medicine closer to conventional medicine.

Traditionally doctors have been skeptical of these alternate medicines and remedies. But this is changing. Today doctors world over are willing to learn about complementary treatments and are open to explore new methods of healing. This significant trend has led to an dramatic increase in the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements.

For many people, supplements play a major role either as a therapy or preventive measure in curing a number of ailments and sometimes in case of chronic diseases tool.

Research: Researches too are giving evidence that supplements promote good health. Nutritional research has produced a flood of studies offering constructive evidence for nutrients and certain foods. Harvard University has provided strong evidence that vitamin E supplements is linked to lower
rate of heart disease in both men and women. High level of vitamin E found in the average Australian or New Zealand diet very likely offers some protection against heart disease.

Herbal Remedies: Scientific research has also proved that herbs used years ago have medicinal value. Below I am mentioning some of the popular herbs used as supplements.

Evening Primrose oil has long been valued by Native Americans for its healing powers. Today a focussed research on it's therapeutic effect of the oil obtained from its seeds which contains and omega-6 essential fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). For details look for evening primrose oil in the supplements category.

Ginseng is a hugely popular herb all around and is added to vitamin supplements as well as fruit juices. It combats the physical effects of stress and boosts energy. Quality ginseng have a variety of protective effects on our body. For details look for ginseng supplement in the supplements category.

Red wine acts a safeguard to our immune system and start destroying harmful free radicals. Like ginseng it is also a energy booster that promotes a healthy lifestyle. For details look for red wine extract in the supplements category.

A herbal sleeping medicine
Valerian root, a herbal sleeping aid is sold in the form of capsules and tablets, has

virtually no side effects. If it's 4'o clock in the morning and you're still wide awake.
Valerian may be your need that could safely take to help you fall asleep without the
unpleasant side effects of conventional medicine.

Saw Palmetto is among the herbs that doctors in Europe often prescribe for
prostate problems, for the benign (non-cancerous) enlargement of the prostate
known medically as BPH.

Ginger is known for its stomach problem relieving properties. Ginger is native to India,
China, and other tropical areas. For thousand years it has been used as a popular
treatment for digestive problems like indigestion, flatulence, vomiting and also cold.

Preventive Healing: Both medical experts and the general population are increasingly recognising that lifestyle choices are a critical factor in staying fit and well. That is why, now more and more people are paying attention to diet, fitness through exercise, yoga, aerobics and weight control by taking rigourous or natural weight loss measures.

Simple problems like back pain, constipation, common cold, sleeping disorders and serious problems like heart disease and cancer can be avoided by taking self-care measures through vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Good nutrition gives not simply absense of illness but optimal health leading to a full, vital and productive life.

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Be Fit and Fine with Nutritional Supplements